Saturday, 6 May 2017

May 6, 2017

CADPAT bib number three was finally completed this evening. I was supposed to go see the movie "Maudie", but it was sold out at our little theatre here on the base so I stitched to pass this rainy evening. There was a bit of competition for my spot on the couch this evening.

This little critter kept grabbing my spot every time that I got up. She is a great mix of annoying and cute at the same time, protesting just a little bit each time that we scoot her furry butt over on the couch. Her favourite spot used to be on our bed, but the recent arrival of our newest cat who now sleeps on the dog bed beside our bed has made this little kitty decide that the couch is a better place to spend her time. Sadly for her, the humans keep insisting on sitting on her couch.

Happy stitching!

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