Monday, 22 May 2017

May 22/17

CADPAT bib number 4 was finished this evening after a busy day of laundry, lunch with friends visiting Canada from New Zealand (she is an old friend from university and he is her Kiwi husband), planting 98 tomato plants in our backyard and my second attempt at bike riding this summer. My tomato project went a little overboard this summer with so many seeds actually sprouting. I gave 20 plants away last week to a nearby military spouse and another 8 to a good friend today. There are still easily 100 seedlings on my kitchen table as I search for homes for them! The development of arthritis in my knees has slowed down my walking and jogging because the jarring against pavement causes pain and warmth in the joints later. Biking seems like a better exercise for the summer and perhaps I will look at swimming at the sports complex during the colder months. Perhaps....swimming is not something that I have ever enjoyed.

The rhubarb plants in our backyard are into their third season in those beds and are growing gloriously. I harvested enough for a rhubarb crisp yesterday and I harvest 4-5 stalks every day to tuck into my freezer for future use in smoothies. There is something so satisfying about growing one's own food, even if it is on such a small scale. I look forward to the day that I can grow more than a small patch by the fence.

So, that sums up how I spent a good part of my Victoria Day holiday weekend. Yes, we celebrate dear Queen Victoria. Heck! I will celebrate anyone who will give me a holiday day! Happy stitching!

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