Monday, 10 September 2018

Sept 10/18

The back stitching is now complete on three ornaments. Three down, three to go before beading!

Does anyone else have a preferred time of day to stitch? My stitching urge is at its strongest from 9pm to midnight. I can stitch at other times of the day like all day during a snow storm. I tried all evening to settle in to stitch, but one of our neighbours came over to have her passport application signed and then the dogs needed to be walked and then I finally sat down to stitch after catching up on phone calls. Maybe it is my preferred hour because the world quiets down at that time of day, the phone does not ring, the darkness of night calms things down and it is my way to slow down at the end of the day.

Today was an amazing day. Somehow, I was the first one awake which is highly unusual because the fella' is the morning person in this house. He slept until 10am while I was up and reading at 8am. I am enthralled by the author Lisa Genova. Her books are gripping me in a way that has not happened in a long time. This morning, I polished off "Inside the O'Briens", a novel about a family grappling with their father's diagnosis of Huntington's Disease. This topic hit close to home as the husband of one of my dearest friends has a father with Huntington's. After the fella' finished washing his uniform, we hit the road to explore a part of Nova Scotia we have never seen.

I have often seen the place name Bear River on the highway signs so today was the day to visit this place. We pulled off the highway onto some back roads and followed them down a steep hill into this quaint little village of buildings on stilts along the river, old homes that revealed the shipbuilding roots of the place and signs all over for artists' studios. We had a late lunch of two of the best burgers we have ever tasted before heading out to poke around in some wonderful galleries. I enjoyed learning about the place and enjoying the vibe of the village which was rural and slow placed, but with interesting nooks and crannies tucked into the hillsides along the river. I need to go back to explore more of the galleries as places like that inspire me so much!

Well, tomorrow is a bit of a busy day with Rotary and the Health Auxiliary so I should go curl up in bed with my Maggie dog. Happy stitching!

Sunday, 9 September 2018

Sept 9/18

The back stitching in black has begun. A headache, but not quite a migraine, made stitching a slow process this evening because my brain was working as if it were trying to wade through mud. I persevered despite my headache and stitch by stitch, managed to complete the back stitching on one ornament before putting some stitches onto a second ornament. I also found a section of gold filament that had been overlooked and quickly filled in that section around the mailbox of the top ornament.

I had an idea for the third panel of the triptych that I was working on ages ago. The third panel has languished for lack of inspiration, my failing eyesight and lack of motivation to stitch. My brain was in processing mode as I was driving to work the other day when the idea came to me. The idea involves using various shades of the same colour and creating a cascading kind of effect. Christmas ornaments are a priority at the moment, but I look forward to the third and final step of the triptych.

Happy stitching!

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Sept 4/18

The gold filament stitching and the back stitching in green are completed. I found a few more spots here and there where I missed stitches so I fixed those spots. Getting off facebook and watching documentaries apparently is good for my stitching mojo as I actually get some things done! My goal this evening was to finish up the stitching with the dreaded gold filament because I dislike stitching with that stuff so much! The documentary on the Vietnam War that I was watching was still playing so I kept going with the back stitching of the pine needles on two of the ornaments. The outlining in black and the red beads are all that remain to do now.

Happy stitching!

Monday, 27 August 2018

Aug 27/18

This picture is horrible which pretty much sums up my feelings about stitching with gold filament. The end result will be lovely. The cursing during the stitching will be plentiful. Ugh.

Happy stitching!

Aug 26/18

Stitching has been part of my sanity maintenance program this past week. The fella's two youngest children are visiting for 2 weeks and it is an adjustment to go from 0 kids to 2 kids. Our days are jampacked and busy as we try to cram in as much time 'doing stuff with Dad' in a meaningful way. For instance, our base community centre organized a whale watching tour for today for an incredible price so we spent the day out on the Bay of Fundy, looking for whales. All of the fresh air and fun with the children of friends of mine who also went on the tour have worn us out. The kids fall into bed every evening with the fella' only moments behind them. I enjoy the few hours between their bedtime and mine to stitch and to have some Me Time as I am more of a night owl than the fella'.

The full cross stitches of floss have been completed tonight after much squinting at the pattern and the stitching to fill in all of those stitches that somehow I overlooked when I did the first round of stitching. No matter how careful I am about counting, I always miss a stitch here and there and end up filling in the spaces while doing the back stitching. Next, there is gold filament to cross stitch and then the back stitching. Hopefully, these will be done in time before Christmas! There just seem to be so many other things to do right now like the kids' visit, my continuing education for work and fun things like book club and walking the dogs.

Speaking of fun things, I did this last week:

A co-worker of the fella' called the other night to see if I wanted to go to a paint night with his wife. It was totally last minute and I was totally intimidated because she is an artist who paints, but I am always game to try something new so off I went. While this painting is so very badly amateurish, I did get lots of compliments from the other people who were also at paint night so perhaps I am not as hopeless as I had thought.

Well, tomorrow is another day of refereeing and entertaining kids while trying to wrangle our two dogs and two cats so this stitcher should take her behind to bed! Happy stitching!

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Aug 21/18

Today's adventure in needles and thread had more to do with upcycling than cross stitching. One of my things in life is that I never ever hang a tea towel off the stove handle after learning from my volunteer firefighter brother that it is a major fire hazard. We have been draping the tea towel over the cupboard door under the sink and in the process, ruining the finish on the door. I recently bought some tea towels that had a little tab on them so they could hang off the knobs on the cupboards. Um, where has this been for my adult life and how did I never notice them before??

So, I went through the kitchen linen drawer to find all of my tab-less towels and dug out the ribbon that had been used to wrap my recently purchased towels. I cut the ribbon into short tabs and roughly sewed them on to the towels by hand.

The end result is not super pretty, but I am pleased with being able to recycle and to stop destroying my kitchen cupboard door by ripping off the veneer every time I pull the towel out to use it. Some of my tea towels should be relegated to the rag pile as they are wretchedly stained thanks to someone else in this house who uses them to mop up whatever mess he has made because it is too difficult to reach into the sink for a dish cloth. Grrrrr!!!

Happy stitching!

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Aug 19/18

I had to stitch tonight to regain some of my sanity. Between work and home, life has been stressful this week. The fella' flew to Toronto and back today to pick up his two youngest children. There were a few hiccups along the way and the relief that I felt when he called me from the plane to say that they were onboard was so immense that a migraine kicked in. Boy, oh boy, that made the last minute grocery shopping so much fun. The cashier probably either thought that I was stoned or had dementia because I was struggling to see and think until the meds kicked in.

So, here is my wee bit of progress from this evening while I watched "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" after everyone else collapsed into bed.

That's all for tonight. Happy stitching!