Sunday, 29 January 2017

January 29, 2017

I had hoped to finish stitching this mitten today on what has been a most lazy Sunday. Some of my fingers are starting to hurt so it is time to put down the needle and thread. The pattern is from pinterest and is the third in my series of six. There are two things that I love about these mittens: they are adorable to stitch and they are using up so much of my scrap thread collection. Operation De-clutter continues on all levels in this house.

While I was in the spare room getting dressed today, I dragged out this tote of frames that I had purchased shortly after we moved into this house. A handful of the frames did get used for some projects that I had done for my fella's kids, but I did not use up near as many as I had thought would get used. There are easily 20-25 frames in that tote so I pulled out a few that I could see me using, gave a few to a friend who has recently rebuilt her home after a fire and the remainder are listed on a local yard sale site. The tote is just taking up room on my shelving and perhaps someone else will have a more immediate need for them.

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