Sunday, 15 January 2017

January 15, 2017

We had an exciting day here. I was out for a walk on the trails this morning with our dog Maggie and a friend who had her four dogs with us. Maggie tends  to range and rove through the woods, checking in with me every 5-10 minutes before running off to sniff before the next check-in. Well, something must have been a really amazing smell because Maggie did not come back and I could not hear her in the woods along the path when I backtracked to find her. My fella' came running to the trail and we set off to look for her. Friends, a co-worker and a complete stranger helped us walk the trails until the co-worker spotted her, digging a hole by a shrub. Funnily enough, his dog's name is Maggie as well so he had a chuckle about how he did double duty by calling out his dog's name. He said Maggie looked a little scared when he called out to her, but she ran up to him and stuck to him like glue until he found my fella'. I was so relieved to get the text that she had been found because my greatest fear was that she was hurt somewhere in the woods and finding her would not have been easy. She was worn out from her adventures and has spent the day in a deep sleep on her couch.

The set of Christmas trees grew by one this evening. Yet another pinterest find. I started out using some threads from my odds and ends bag:

that has accumulated over the years from kits that I have done. Sadly, I greatly underestimated how much thread I was going to need to complete the project so then I had to spend some time trying to match the colour on my colour chart and going through my stash to find the 1 skein of DMC 319 in my possession to finish this project. For a short while, I thought that DMC 890 was the match, but realized after a few stitches that I had misjudged the colour. Here is the final result:

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