Monday, 6 February 2017

February 6, 2017

I finished the backstitching for the piece on the left and started the piece on the right this evening. I may have to do some jiggering of the design for the latest one as I changed a part of the pattern but did not center the design properly. The stitching is going to be dangerously close to the edge of the fabric on the right side. I think that my final adjustment will work out just fine although I am shaking my head at my lack of planning when I most certainly know better. Mitten number six comes from this pinterest pin.

The dog and I had a wonderful stroll on the golf course today. The wind was wicked, but the beautiful sunshine and seeing my dog enjoy her run made it worthwhile. Maggie loves to run and sniff and run some more. I love watching her ears go back as she runs full tilt in the fields. Wearing her out helps to control her "Lab sillies" as I call them where she runs around the house like a maniac and there is no listening to any commands from the humans. She is a high energy dog in between naps!

Happy stitching!

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