Sunday, 26 February 2017

February 26, 2017

Hello dear readers! There has been a little stitching going on this past week although my pace has slowed considerably. The whole hours in a day plus things I want to do along side my need for lots of sleep and things just don't all get done as quickly as they once might have. This mitten was finished earlier this evening (pattern from pinterest).  My attention then turned to the final square of fabric for this series while watching the movie "Lion".

We went to Halifax last night for a fabulous, and I do mean FABULOUS, evening of a wonderful dinner on the waterfront, a concert with my all time and forever favourite band Blue Rodeo and an overnight stay with my brother and his girlfriend. I had a delicious seafood chowder as an appetizer than this delicious lobster for the main. The concert was an emotional and moving experience for me as I have not seen Blue Rodeo live in concert in 22 years while listening to their albums hundreds of times. There was nothing else in the world for me once we moved away from the rude twats who were talking so loud behind us that we could not hear the music.

For a bit of fun, this sculpture know as "Disco Lobster" was in the foyer of the pub and restaurant where we had supper last night. You know you are on the East Coast when.......

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