Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Dec 27/17

Another Christmas season is almost over and now I look forward to the New Year. We spent the holidays at my mom's home in New Brunswick although most of the celebrating took place across town at my youngest brother's home. Lots of memories were made as we hung out, ate, assembled gifts for kids and chased dogs all over the house. My favourite memory has to be of my 18 month old nephew running up and down the main hallway with our puppy running along side him as she licked his fingers.

On a holiday and craft related note, I made an awesome find when I was digging around for gift wrap in my mom's spare room. My mom used to weave on a large floor loom when I was a kid. She recently sold the floor loom as she had not touched it for years and I thought that was the end of the weaving stuff in the house. I had recently been looking around on the Internet for a small table top loom, but was not willing to pay several hundred dollars to try out a hobby so it was thrilling to discover a loom that looks very much like this image that I have borrowed off the Internet!

Mom said that I can borrow the loom to try it out! I did not bring it back with me on this trip as I have just far too many things on the go at the moment to add something new into the mix. The puppy, the French lessons, work, my new position in the Rotary club, the Christmas letters and projects that still need to be completed and the general healing from this round of illness all kind of take up all of my time. I still can not believe my good fortune that Mom just happened to have one of these and somehow I had never noticed it in her house!!

Well, I should go get a few things done before I settle in to watch Canada play Slovakia in the World Junior Hockey Championships.

Happy stitching!

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