Tuesday, 4 April 2017

April 4, 2017

Here is my latest bib pattern and it is not from Pinterest! I forget where this piece of CADPAT came from beyond my fella' had ripped either a shirt or pants and I saved this piece to incorporate into something like a small quilt for his kids. CADPAT is the official pattern used by the Canadian military for its day to day uniform. There may be a more official name for that uniform, but I am still learning the acronyms and terms that used here. I am not sure about the match I made for the lighter green as I kind of think that I should have chosen a lighter shade now that some of the stitching has been done. Anyhow, I am kind of excited about this bib as I think that I may be able to sell some of these bibs to people who are posted to this base. One of my friends is due in May and has been to several baby showers recently so my plan is to get her thoughts on this bib once it is finished to see if there is a market here for this pattern.

Happy stitching!

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