Tuesday, 10 January 2017

January 10, 2017

The piece on the left was finished on the 9th and I started and finished the piece on the right today while, yet again, watching "Sons of Anarchy".

Since my team had the bye tonight in curling, I settled in to stitch this piece from pinterest to finish out my series of snowflakes. My muscles are aching from snowshoeing with the dog twice this week and from a massage this afternoon (so many knots, so little time) so it was a relief to be brain dead in front of the TV with some thread and fabric. The colour of the fabric in this photo is probably about the closest that I could get my camera to take with its cellphone limitations.

Well, I am back to work tomorrow for the next three days so there may not be much stitching done as work has been busy recently with the cold and flu season bearing down on us. The way my muscles are starting to make me aware of their presence, moving easily tomorrow may be a challenge. Happy stitching!

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