Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Mar 13/18 (I think.....dates are hazy on my days off!)

A snow storm rolled in today so what to do after a few chores and taking the dogs out to play...... Well, stitch, of course! A little progress has been made on my triptych. I have run out of scraps of the dark purple so I have to either find a matching colour in my stash of DMC or frog the colour.

The storm is still raging at this hour so I should head to bed in case I do have to go to work in the morning. The forecasts have been very inaccurate this winter for this region so who knows what I will wake up to in the morning.

Happy stitching!

Mar 13/18

The head cold is finally letting up so the stitching, reading, walking the dogs and general getting back to normal is in full force. Here is what is rolling off my needle these days:

I found the geometric pattern on pinterest, but once I was done stitching, I felt that it was missing something. I played with colour combinations until I found a handful of threads that were pleasing to my eye. Then, I started stitching. Initially, I had an idea of doing a vertical pattern of colour where I would fill in three little blocks with the same colour and then switch to another colour until the end of the row. The next row would have been staggered to prevent a block/square effect. Once, I started stitching, I decided that I preferred to do three down and then three across as a "row". After seeing the top right corner left uncoloured, I decided to break up the shading after the blue rows and the bit of purple is where I stopped this evening because my eyes were starting to droop. The movement and the colours are really pleasing to my eye and they should work well with the next pattern that I want to play with as part of my triptych.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Mar 6/18

Not much stitching has been happening around here because I have recovered from my recent brush with the flu to come down with a head cold. I CAN NOT WIN!! I can, however, have a great mail day. The Star Wars book came the other day and the Christmas books arrived today. My pattern stash overfloweth, but all cross stitchers understand the idea that one can never have too many patterns even if there is not even a remote chance that one will be able to stitch them all in this lifetime.

In other news, it is a good thing that I have borrowed a sewing machine from one of my book club friends. I had originally borrowed it to do a little fix job on a dog halter. The puppy decided to surgically remove one side of a zipper out of my new pillow cover so the sewing machine will come in handy to sew this shut since I know nothing about placing and sewing zippers.

We recently decided that we need to take time to reconnect with each other and disconnect from our electronics. It is so easy to veg out on the couch all weekend and tune each other out which has compounded some issues the fella' and I have been having. On Sunday, we put the dogs in the car and headed out to explore some beaches that we have not explored before. We had to use the electronics to get us there, but there is no cell service in many areas along the Bay of Fundy so we were forced to disconnect and focus on our dogs and ourselves. The dogs loved running along the waves that were higher than usual because of the wind and the storm surge.

I hope to get stitching again as soon as my head does not feel like it is stuffed full of cotton wool. Happy stitching!

Friday, 2 March 2018

Mar 2/18

I love Star Wars and I was so excited to learn about a book of Star Wars cross stitch designs from one of the stitching forums that I belong to on Facebook. My parcel from Indigo books arrived today and I can not wait to stitch one of the designs! Here is the link to the book. As a bonus, there is are materials to make some of the designs!!

Hopefully, the tiredness and weather related headaches will go away over the weekend and I will have time to do some stitching along with doing things like taking down the outdoor Christmas ornaments. 

Happy stitching!

Monday, 26 February 2018

Feb 25/18

Here is a photo of my current work. I have three scrap pieces that are the same size and count so I am thinking of building a triptych of some sort to hang on the wall or maybe turn the pieces into table runners. Again, finishing is not my strong point so who knows?

I was glad to get some stitching done this evening as I have been busy with life and the flu found me again. Fortunately, I recognized the symptoms right away and my doctor was kind enough to call in some Tamiflu for me on the weekend. The symptoms were hard to miss as I went from feeling fine on Saturday morning to being barely able to stand by supper time, having chills with bone aches and a headache. I hesitated about contacting my doctor on the weekend because I did not want to bug him, but when I started to cry because I felt so miserable and could not bear the thought of getting so sick again, I knew that I had to contact him. The medication is helping to beat back the flu as is lots of rest. Maybe I am going to have to start wearing a mask at work (I work in a drugstore) because I can't keep getting sick like this.

Happy stitching!

Monday, 19 February 2018

Feb 19/18

So, let me start this long over due blog post by saying that this dog is still alive because she is so goshdarned cute. My ort jar overflows with the threads she has pulled out of the scrap bag or off the shelf beside my spot on the couch. One needle out of three is missing and since she is showing no signs of distress three days later, we assume that it is in the couch somewhere. She is so cute and charming that it is difficult to be mad at her for longer than a wag of that white tipped tail.

If you look at the green on the lower side of the book mark on the right, you will see the handiwork of this cute puppy. I will probably finish the book mark despite the hole that she has chewed and call it "The Tillie".

I washed all of the pieces that I had stashed in my spot so that they can now go upstairs to be added to the finishing pile, far out of the reaches of the puppy. Quite truthfully, I am much more interested in the stitching part than I am in the finishing part so they might sit there for a while.

Hmmmm.....somehow this photo has ended up upside down. Either way, you can see what I have been working on most recently while I binge watch the Winter Olympics. All the patterns are from pinterest and the fabric and threads are from my scrap bags. Fortunately, there are no holes chewed in this piece despite the three needles that the puppy pulled out of this piece. I had left the needle I was using to stitch the project tucked into the fabric and two needles to hold the fabric so that I could easily hold the fabric while stitching. The fella' found one on the couch and I found one while sweeping the floor. I am hoping that the other one is in a crack of the hardwood floors.

I hope that you are all keeping well and stitching to your heart's content!

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Jan 28/18

The weekend was kind of quiet here as the fella' has come down with what I have diagnosed as the flu. He does not have a fever, but he has the muscle aches, headache and sick feeling. He spent the weekend camped out in bed or in the over-sized living room chair so I spent the weekend stitching and looking after the four critters. Here are two bookmarks that I stitched in between nursing him,  letting the dogs in and out and in and out and feeding the cats. I stitched the one on the right on Saturday night and the one on the left on Sunday (today). They are both adaptations of patterns for beaded bracelets, done on a scrap piece of ivory 14 count Aida and stitched with threads from the scrap bag of threads.

I am not sure just yet how I will finish them. The current idea is to cut a piece of cardboard that is slightly smaller than the stitched area, iron the corners and baste the stitched piece so that it forms around the cardboard before attaching a piece of felt to the back either with glue or sewing. I should finish them sooner rather than later as I am using a scratch pad as a bookmark in the book "The Bronze Horseman" that I am reading for my Friday night book club.

The other bit of sewing I did this weekend was the repair on the comforter that the puppy has been pulling apart. She had pulled open a seam and was pulling out the stuffing every time that she could get into the spare room. I mended a hole along the seam that was almost 2 feet long!! Good thing that the puppy is cute!!

Happy stitching!