Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Mar 13/18

The head cold is finally letting up so the stitching, reading, walking the dogs and general getting back to normal is in full force. Here is what is rolling off my needle these days:

I found the geometric pattern on pinterest, but once I was done stitching, I felt that it was missing something. I played with colour combinations until I found a handful of threads that were pleasing to my eye. Then, I started stitching. Initially, I had an idea of doing a vertical pattern of colour where I would fill in three little blocks with the same colour and then switch to another colour until the end of the row. The next row would have been staggered to prevent a block/square effect. Once, I started stitching, I decided that I preferred to do three down and then three across as a "row". After seeing the top right corner left uncoloured, I decided to break up the shading after the blue rows and the bit of purple is where I stopped this evening because my eyes were starting to droop. The movement and the colours are really pleasing to my eye and they should work well with the next pattern that I want to play with as part of my triptych.

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