Monday, 22 January 2018

Jan 22/18

I just put the last stitches into this book mark! It was one of those things where I was determined to finish before I go to bed tonight which was a challenge because I did not pick it up until 10:30pm. My day was spent resting because last night I strained the muscles that I tore in my back on Boxing Day and then we had supper with friends. The pattern on pinterest was designed for some kind of bracelet, according to the link when I clicked through on the link. I loved the colours when I saw the pattern and decided that I had to do the pattern as a cross stitch. The piece is stitched on a cream 14ct Aida with threads from my scrap bag. My scrap thread bag is finally starting to look a little smaller with all of these projects that have been stitched using those threads. Is it weird that I was a little excited by how much thread this project used and that my scrap thread bag was just that much emptier? The piece is stitched 2 threads over 1 with a full cross and I guesstimate it to be 2 inches by 6 inches. 

As a volunteer, I do a shift or two per month at the opportunity shop run by the local health auxiliary. I usually go in at least half an hour early to tidy up and to put up any donations that have come in. I had a few minutes before I opened the doors the other day so I dug around in the craft supply bin and found these kilt pins. Who knows how I will end up using them, but they are kind of interesting and I am certain that I can find a way to use them.

Edited to add: TUSAL time! My apologies for being a few days late on this month's effort. My TUSAL includes thread, some perforated paper and a few other odds and ends chucked in as I worked away on my book marks and ornament this month. What's a TUSAL? Please click the link on my side board.

Time for bed. Happy stitching!


  1. Your bookmark is very vibrant.Your ORT jar looks very full to me.

  2. Oh, the bookmark gave you gorgeously bright ORTs!

  3. Thank you! I love colour so very much. I recently bought slip covers for the living room furniture and it took a lot of restraint to order the navy ones instead of the red or the orange ones. The fella' is not a fan of orange at all.

  4. Love the bookmark, Vee! Great colours, and they look lovely in your ORT jar too!
    Tee hee, I have kilt pins in my craft cupboard. I thought they would be handy for holding stitches when I’m knitting, but they aren’t really long enough for much. Still, maybe we will find another use, eh?
    Barbara xx