Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Jan 10/18

Hot off the needle!

This piece is stitched on a scrap of white opalescent Lugana with threads from my scrap bag and using this font. You can kind of see the shimmer of the fabric despite my lame photography skills. I have a second piece of this Lugana in blue and I am thinking about stitching the word "Peace" on it. These scraps were a beautiful find in my stash the other day. I have great difficulty in throwing away anything so it warms my heart to make something so pretty out of a scrap that is a mere 4" by 7".

My difficulty in throwing things away or to give up things like clothes that are in great shape clash with the fact that the fella' is in the military and moving is a way of life. I was ruthless with my clothing last week and finally parted ways with lovely tops that I purchased during my university years. The chances of me ever fitting into them again are slim although by the time I ever did fit into them, the tops would probably be back in style again. The two boxes of clothing were almost immediately taken to the local thrift shop so that I can not change my mind about keeping any of the clothing. I am also trying not to buy more cross stitching materials until my current stash has been further reduced (Dear Reader, stop laughing!!). Of course, the moment that I make such a decision, I come across some beautiful fabrics for a wonderful price on eBay and I have to close down the computer before I lose my resolve.

Well, I should head to bed. The fella' went to bed early, filled up with lots of medications to treat a gastro-intestinal virus. A good night's sleep should help me to ward off the germs he has brought into the house. Happy stitching!

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