Sunday, 2 July 2017

July 2/17

No stitching was done here on Friday as I came home from work, attended to the needs of the critters and went out to the pub and mall with friends who live on our street. I fell into bed shortly after finally get home for the night. A few stitches were put in yesterday morning as I sorted out the timing of the fella's arrival back in Halifax as his flights were delayed on the homeward bound leg. As a stitching bonus, his delays meant that I had an extra hour at home before I had to go pick him up and then head over to my brother's place for a BBQ. We ran into a thunder and lightning storm on the way home last night. It had mostly passed over by the time we pulled into the driveway, but I enjoyed an hour or so of stitching while listening to the rain before going to bed.

Canada Day was a rainy and foggy day here in Nova Scotia. We did see a few fireworks as we drove home along the 101, the highway that goes through the Annapolis Valley, despite the thunder showers that were rolling down the valley. I was disappointed to not be able to see Halifax from the Dartmouth side of the harbour because I wanted to see all of the ships that were in port this weekend, but Mother Nature and the fog had other plans. Maggie went to Halifax with us today because all of our friends were either busy or away. She was a loud and boisterous greeter for the other travellers while we waited for the fella' in the passenger pick up area.

Well, off to see what we can see and do on this soggy long holiday weekend Sunday. Happy stitching!

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