Sunday, 26 March 2017

March 26, 2017

Oh my! Cuteness galore!! The full stitch part of this project was finished this evening, inspired partly by the baby shower that I attended this afternoon for a dear friend who was one of my first friends here in Greenwood. I will get the back stitching done in the next few days, in between meetings, housework and dinner with friends! I promised to have it done this week so my fingers are going to have to fly through the backstitching.

To blow my own horn for a moment, I spearheaded a project to donate bicycle helmets to the grade two students at a local elementary school. I meet with the school principal tomorrow to nail down the details of the presentation and then my Rotary club is doing the presentation on Thursday. I am getting quite excited about getting the 80 helmets out of my spare room and into the hands of the kids!

Happy stitching!

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