Thursday, 29 June 2017

June 29/17

So, the fact that any stitching at all is happening in this house is a miracle! I had a minor accident on Tuesday night while out biking with our dog. She stopped to attend to a call of nature and I did not which resulted in me skidding along the street on my belly. There are a few large bandages attached to a hand, a knee and an elbow and work is interesting as so many people have questions about the scrapes on my nose and forehead. My glasses and bike helmet saved my face from a huge disaster while sustaining a little damage. The woman at the the optometry clinic who re-adjusted the nose pieces on my glasses tonight remembered that these glasses are fairly new (bought in January) and apparently, still under warranty so a new pair will be here next week. I could have made do with my current pair despite the scratches on the lenses, but I would not say no to new ones. The muscle stiffness and tiredness from not sleeping well have been more of a hindrance to stitching than the bandages.

I did manage to put in a few stitches last night and ended up here:

After supper for both human and critter and a walk with the dog, I managed to put in a few more stitches this evening. There may not be much time for stitching this weekend as tomorrow is dinner and drinks at the pub to welcome home a friend who has been working overseas for the past 6 months and Saturday is Canada Day. The fella' flies home on Canada Day so I will pick him up at the airport before heading to my brother's place for a BBQ with my mom and sister who are visiting my brother for a few days.

Happy stitching and Happy Canada Day!

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