Tuesday, 27 June 2017

June 27/17

I was too tired to take and post a photo of my progress last night so here is a photo of where I finished off last night along with the skeins that I purchased today. One of my favourite fabric shops is the Avonport Discount Fabrics which, if you have driven in the Annapolis Valley, is right where you catch the first glorious glimpse of Blomidon as Highway 101 drops down towards Wolfville. Usually when I am in that part of the Valley, the fella' is with me and all of my dear readers surely know how painful it is to drag the fella' to places like fabric stores. I took full advantage of the fact that I had just dropped him off at the Halifax airport to pull into Avonport to see what wonderful fabrics were in store. I did only come away with the skeins because I could not decide on which fabrics might suit my current stitched but unfinished ornaments and I am trying to curb that "bright shiny" shopping habit of mine. There was a tour bus full of quilters in the store as well. The store is full of beautiful, affordable fabrics so it is no wonder that bus loads of quilters from other provinces stop in to visit.

The fella's flight was delayed by over an hour and a half out of Halifax which means he will miss his connection in Toronto for Sudbury. According to the airline website, he is somewhere in the air between Montreal and Toronto, arriving almost two hours late in Toronto. I guess I will find out in an hour or so if he has managed to get himself on the last flight of the day to Sudbury. My hands are sore after a particularly painful massage today so no stitching has been done yet today. Maybe later after the dog has been walked and I hear that the fella' is on his way to his final destination. He is on his way to see his oldest son graduate from high school on Thursday. He was so excited to see his kids today that he probably could have flown there under his own power if that were possible.

Happy stitching!

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