Friday, 9 December 2016

December 9, 2016

Somehow I have lost access to my previous stitching blog so in keeping with the theme of my life in recent years, I am starting over from scratch. Two years ago, I moved away from my hometown where I had lived for almost 40 years to follow a military guy who somehow caught my eye and then my heart. Moving to Greenwood, Nova Scotia involved leaving behind a lifetime of friends, memories and connections to take a chance on starting something new. I sold my home and moved into military housing with my guy. Then, a black Lab named Maggie stole our hearts when we met her at the SPCA and she joined our home. One of our two cats suddenly died one morning and an orange ginger cat named Strong joined our Penelope as the feline presence in the house. Along the way, I have come to know and love my guy's five children who live a few provinces away from us.

The only constant in my life in the past couple of years has been stitching. There have been a few major projects like a baby blanket for my gorgeous little nephew who was born in July of this year and a black Lab pattern that I bought and stitched because the pattern showed the same excited about life look that we see in our Maggie all of the time. I kind of like my dog a lot and any one reading this blog will read lots about that silly dog. In between the larger projects, I also stitch many Christmas ornaments to give to co-workers and friends. My stash was overwhelming when I first moved here and it has been a goal to both reduce and organize the threads, fabrics and patterns. The reduction has been a success and the organization not so much. I would love to add more fabrics to my stash as my fabric inventory is now limited at best, but the nearest cross stitch store is about 3 hours away which makes browsing a bit difficult. Browsing for fabric on-line really does not do much for me as I like to touch the fabrics and look at the colours to see them as I see them and not how my computer screen may distort them.

Stitching gives me a sense of calm, accomplishment and pride. I love watching a project come alive under my needle. Sometimes, it seems to take forever before the picture comes together on the hoop and then there is the sadness of putting in the last stitch on a beautiful, favourite piece. My guy does not really understand why I enjoy stitching so much and he rolls his eyes every time I lose yet another needle in the couch, but he enjoyed picking out the ornaments to send to his children and sisters.

So, welcome to my new blog. I hope you enjoy my thoughts, projects and pictures.

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