Thursday, 15 December 2016

December 15, 2016

My photography skills lag behind my needleworking skills so I apologize for this photo. This finish is hot off the needle this evening. The pattern was found on that incredible time suck known as pinterest and I stitched it on 28 count fabric that I had left over in my stash. If I had to guess, the fabric is Monaco. The threads are from my leftover thread stash which is a collection of odd skeins and threads that are left over from kits. One of my best purchases ever has to be a booklet of all the DMC skein colours that actually has bits of the threads. How does one properly match colours against the printed colours in the newer booklets? Anyhow, I am wandering in my thoughts and it is almost 11pm here in Nova Scotia on a stormy night so back to describing the finish. I cut a circle out of cardboard that I recycled from work from our pharmacy label packages, basted the stitched fabric onto it  and used the blanket stitch to attach a piece of red felt to the back. Then, I tacked a piece of red pearl cotton with a strong of red beads wound into it to the blanket stitch.

I think that I may keep this finish for myself. I was going to give it to a co-worker for her December birthday, but I quite like the piece. Christmas is not something that I have been excited about for years although I have gradually begun to re-discover a joy in my heart about the love and beauty of the season that I once used to love. We both have done more Christmas-y stuff this year than we have in years. Heck! There are Christmas lights out in front of our house and I have been wearing Christmas bell earrings which ring like cat collar bells. One of my co-workers kept waiting to be swatted by a cat the first day I wore them to work!

Well, I should go crawl into my warm bed on this blustery night. Happy stitching!

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