Tuesday, 17 April 2018

April 17/18

The odd stitches have been put into my work in between work, exhaustion, shingles, a dog bite on my hip, spring cleaning and the spaying of our puppy. This winter season is one that I would love to see far behind me as it has been several months of recovering from one thing or another despite my best efforts of sleep, exercise, nutrition and vitamins. Even now, I find myself getting tired easily and my lungs can not even handle things like vinegar for cleaning.

On a more positive note, I have 2 panels completed on my triptych. I have looked at some patterns for the third panel, but nothing has fully jumped out at me yet to say that it was the design for the third panel. The fabric is the remnant from a kit and the threads are all from my scrap bag.

So, our monster of a puppy was a little busy while unsupervised one morning (Hey! I like to sleep in on days off!). She pulled my needle work off the shelf and proceeded to chew away. Fortunately, the hole in the pattern is different from the hole in the fabric so I am able to start again.

I had been mulling over a re-start anyhow because I loved the pattern, but the 14 Aida was not doing the piece any justice. The re-start is being stitched on 28 count Antique Tan Linen Wichelt and I am much happier with the result.

Here is the monster of a puppy who is also known in these parts as Destructo Puppy. She was spayed yesterday and this is her "I am still drugged, but I am not happy with this cone" face. She is moving around much better today and has even attempted to chase a cat or two around the house, getting that cone caught in every corner and doorway.

Well, it looks like we have avoided the icy part of the freezing rain storm that has swept across Ontario, Quebec and the more northern parts of the Maritimes. This rainy day has been perfect for spring cleaning my kitchen and working on my French course. Now, it is time to use these pruny hands to stitch while I watch "Longmire" and watch the rain and wind whip around outside.

Happy stitching!


  1. Dog bite??? Shingles are no joke either.

    Your puppy is a cutie. Surely too sweet to be a problem? My daughter called my Molly, “monster dog” after dog sitting for us! She was a handful from day one, even pulling off wallpaper in the kitchen!

  2. Tillie's nickname is Destructo Puppy. As I write this, I see that the other half of the couch is covered with the stuffing from her toy rabbit which I just sewed up again the other day. We have to keep her busy all of the time with exercise or the other pets in the house to minimize her self entertainment/destruction of the house.