Monday, 25 September 2017

Sept 25/17

So, we are in a bit of a heatwave these days so stitching is not really on my mind because the house is so hot and I keep getting headaches as I find it almost impossible to keep up an adequate water and salt intake. That being said, I did use the heat to my advantage yesterday to quickly dry the first couple layers of paint on a pallet cut into the shape of a tree.

The white is an indoor/outdoor primer paint that I had for some touch up jobs at my old house and the blue is a chalk paint that I bought for a project that is still on the to-do list. To finish the painting part, I plan to use red enamel paint, once used for my front door, to paint a filigree type ribbon all over. I need to both draw it on and do some practise painting before I put red paint on this piece. Then, I am thinking that a string of white lights will nicely light it up when I put it out for a Christmas display on the lawn.

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