Monday, 22 October 2018

Oct 22/18

I surely can not be the only person who has so many interests and just not enough time to dabble in them all? There are just not enough hours in the day or energy left over after doing the necessary stuff like working, looking after the house, wrangling the dogs and cats and sleep to do all of the stuff that I want to do. I recently did a shift at the thrift store and found myself collecting things to upcycle when I had to give my head a shake about when was I going to find time right now to upcycle clothing? It was painful to put them back on the shelf, but the fella' was muttering about meeting with the case manager some time soon so that means that junk collecting has to be kept to a minimum in the off chance that we move within the next posting season. Instead, I am trying to focus on the projects that are already underway and doing things that are easily achievable like emptying my ort jar. Reaching my ort jar was a little difficult last night as you can see:

Pebbles was doing her best to be in my way after her favourite human went to bed.

She did let me stitch a little on this ornament last night. My progress is difficult to see as I filled in all of the white stitching in the moon and in the candy cane border.  A few stitches of grey around the edges and some gold in the centre of the star will complete this one except for the back stitching.

I also started knitting some dish clothes for Christmas gifts. I am making up baskets of homemade stuff for my mom and my sisters-in-law. The dish clothes are in variegated red, green and white for Christmas and will be given along with the home made soap and perhaps a cross stitched ornament as well.

Happy stitching!

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